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Monday, November 28, 2016

17th Century Saltbox

Did you know you can find a 17th century saltbox style home in Missouri?
Neither did I!  
I knew there was a possibility of a wigwam or teepee somewhere on the Kansas plains or along the Mississippi river but never this architectural gem.
Ok, I don't believe there were rogue colonists before the defeat of the British, although, I guess there could have been some brave souls who ventured west, but they were probably scalped and never seen again - I digress.  Anyway, Terri, Nick and I had the pleasure of shooting a custom home built in true 17th century saltbox style.  
Not only was the home built to spec(ification), but it was decorated as if you had literally walked back in time; the lighting was as if it were lit by candles; the appliances tastefully tucked away behind curtains; the antiques were all dated from the era - see the rope bed in the picture below with a true trundle tucked underneath.

I hope you enjoy the home as much as we did!! 

Images by Terri Voyles

Thanks for stopping in!

Dawn Conners
(913) 908-5767

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holiday Greetings

We wanted to take a quick moment to thank you all for your business and support in 2015!

We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people to call friends and clients.


Terri, Corie and I are looking forward to another productive year in the Kansas City Real Estate Photography industry.  

Blessings, Peace, Love and Chocolate!

Dawn Conners

Monday, May 25, 2015

May Showers Bring June Discounts

The 2015 Kansas City real estate market finds us running in circles to keep up with the business. This is a good problem, I know, but it can also create frustration on both sides.  When a seller calls wanting to put their home on the market TODAY the agent gets frustrated when I can't get them on the schedule for several days, causing me to be frustrated because I don't like it when my clients are frustrated.....just way too much frustration.  

My solution to all of this frustration was to hire another photographer.  A trusted real estate agent heard I was looking to add to the team and sent Corie our way - I'll share more information about her in a later post but know she's been a photographer with an established portrait business for years in the KC area.  She knows her stuff!

Corie has been shadowing me since April and is doing a fantastic job on her test shoots.  She's becoming familiar with the craziness that is real estate and is now ready to be thrown in the deep end, but I'm not sure I want to send her in without a noodle. 

Her floatation device will come by way of offering all agents a discount on her shoots, allowing her to work in all types of homes and situations, affording her the experience while giving you a break in your marketing budget.

Here are the guidelines:
  • $75.00 for homes under 3500 sq ft and no large land properties
  • Access to properties by way of seller, agent, combo or garage
  • All photos are as is with no reshoots (she is instructed to overshoot in order to ensure you receive ample images)
  • Offer only good for the month of June 2015
  • MLS sized images only (additional fee for hi resolution still apply)

Below are some of her test images

So, if you have an upcoming listing that qualifies for this discount, please text me the address, date you'd like it shot and note the Corie special.  I'll get you scheduled ASAP.  

In the meantime, we hope you're cruising through this market with little frustration and lots of success!


Dawn and Terri
(913) 908-5767

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Winter Dilemma

I have a winter dilemma.  I continue to receive calls from clients wanting to cancel or reschedule a shoot due to snow.  I completely understand that overwhelming feeling when the weather just doesn't cooperate with your plans, but snow is not the least of the undesirable conditions.

In all honesty, I think snow is one of the prettiest conditions in which to shoot.  It does come with its own set of technical headaches for those of us manipulating light via camera, but when it's done correctly it is beautiful. 

Every job is unique and is always taken into consideration; however, I want to stress to my real estate agents that your prospective buyers are looking to buy in the winter and will not be turned off by snow in the pictures.

With that said, if your listing is moving out of a season, I highly recommend updating your exterior images.  Buyers will know it has been on the market since the winter, but we don't need to show them as well. 

Every real estate photographer I know will shoot in pretty much all weather except a torrential downpour, and even some not so torrential.  Rain to us is like kryptonite to Superman.  It only takes one drop hitting the wrong place and our equipment goes *PHFT!*.  Oh, and ice!  One bad slip can render us out of commission in more ways than one.  

The only time you'll ever hear a faint hesitation from me in regards to weather is in the heat of the summer.  I will stomp through snow all day, every day, below freezing, but put me in 100+ temperatures and I start to melt from the inside out - I really think I'm going to DIE!  Those are the days when this early bird will cheerfully attempt to schedule your shoot around 5:00-6:00 am so don't be surprised when I try it on you.  

Here are some photos of a town-home I shot after that last dusting of snow.  Okay, so the leaves aren't green, nor the grass, and there are no flowering shrubs or pretty garden boxes giving us a splash of color, but do you know what's under that pretty white stuff ?  Dormant, brown, dead grass and probably other not-so-pretty things.  


So, if you've made it this far then you know that there's really no 'Winter Dilemma." Homes come on the market and sell every winter with professional images.  Don't worry about it, just take the listing and let me take care you. 

Happy winter everyone!!

Dawn Conners



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thank You for a Fantastic Year!

We here at Conners and Co. real estate photography would like to wish you all the happiest of Holidays with a healthy and prosperous New Year!

We are grateful to you for your business but most importantly your friendship.  We love what we do because of YOU!

Terri is behind the camera here (exactly where she wants to be), but she, too, sends her love and appreciation.  Maybe I'll get her in front next year.  :)


Dawn Conners and Terri Voyles
Kansas City Real Estate Photography

Friday, October 31, 2014

Who Wants to Save Some Money?

Hey Gang,

We wanted to quickly introduce our new referral program.  Refer any new clients to Conners & Co., and receive a 25% discount on your next shoot.

We've been busy this week in studio and having a BLAST!  We have some new backdrops and fun props to experiment with so if you're looking to change your marketing, give me a call and lets see what we can come up with.

Here are a couple of beauties we did this week:

Some of you have asked about the Yellow Barn closing, wondering if the studio is, too.  NO!  The store on the first floor is closing and The Studio Loft will continue business as usual.  The only change is that when you walk in there will be bit more room to get through and up the stairs.

We hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and ready for winter.

Peace, Love and Holiday Cheer (am I too early for holiday cheer?),

Kansas City Real Estate Photography 
Kansas City Portrait Professional 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Here We Grow.......

I'm GROWING!  NO, I'm not pregnant, but I have brought on a new photographer/editor who I adore almost as much as my kiddos. 

Her name is Terri and you can read about her here: Terri Voyles

Terri has been editing for me since April, which has allowed me more time for shoots and video.  I haven't had the time to market this side of my business because the KC Real Estate market pretty much exploded in February and just recently slowed down enough for me to take a breath. You can see some of my videos here:   My Videos

Having Terri on my team has allowed me to explore other areas of photography that have been on my radar but could never pursue due to time constraints.  I'm still a licensed realtor (I don't sell anymore and will fight you if you try to make me.....just ask Big Daddy) and can't seem to lose the realtor mind set. What that means is that all decisions I make with my business are based solely on what I would or wouldn't pay if I were still selling.

So, when I was recently presented with an opportunity to lease some studio space at The Studio Loft, I took it to heart and sat down with Terri, discussing our future business together.  We decided to offer Professional Portraits (Head Shots) at an affordable price for all in need of updating their face on marketing, social media, etc.  Come on, how many of you agents have a 10+ year old picture on your business card?  Y'all know who you are?  I do, too, and will be calling you very, very soon.

My introductory offer is $50.00 for one head shot and $75.00 for two.  Send me an email and I'll forward you the full price sheet.

Here's a preview of a few of the photos taken in studio recently.

Some of you might remember Terri from her days of taking head shots for realtors/brokers all over the city - she's looking forward to seeing your lovely mugs again.  You'll also get a chance to meet her while she shadows me, learning the ins-and-outs of shooting the non moving targets. 

In the meantime, I welcome all phone calls, emails or texts.  I've already started setting appointments in the studio and hope to have a full book by the end of August.   

Peace, love and pretty faces,

Dawn Conners