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Monday, August 4, 2014

Here We Grow.......

I'm GROWING!  NO, I'm not pregnant, but I have brought on a new photographer/editor who I adore almost as much as my kiddos. 

Her name is Terri and you can read about her here: Terri Voyles

Terri has been editing for me since April, which has allowed me more time for shoots and video.  I haven't had the time to market this side of my business because the KC Real Estate market pretty much exploded in February and just recently slowed down enough for me to take a breath. You can see some of my videos here:   My Videos

Having Terri on my team has allowed me to explore other areas of photography that have been on my radar but could never pursue due to time constraints.  I'm still a licensed realtor (I don't sell anymore and will fight you if you try to make me.....just ask Big Daddy) and can't seem to lose the realtor mind set. What that means is that all decisions I make with my business are based solely on what I would or wouldn't pay if I were still selling.

So, when I was recently presented with an opportunity to lease some studio space at The Studio Loft, I took it to heart and sat down with Terri, discussing our future business together.  We decided to offer Professional Portraits (Head Shots) at an affordable price for all in need of updating their face on marketing, social media, etc.  Come on, how many of you agents have a 10+ year old picture on your business card?  Y'all know who you are?  I do, too, and will be calling you very, very soon.

My introductory offer is $50.00 for one head shot and $75.00 for two.  Send me an email and I'll forward you the full price sheet.

Here's a preview of a few of the photos taken in studio recently.

Some of you might remember Terri from her days of taking head shots for realtors/brokers all over the city - she's looking forward to seeing your lovely mugs again.  You'll also get a chance to meet her while she shadows me, learning the ins-and-outs of shooting the non moving targets. 

In the meantime, I welcome all phone calls, emails or texts.  I've already started setting appointments in the studio and hope to have a full book by the end of August.   

Peace, love and pretty faces,

Dawn Conners