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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why? How? NOOOO......

Have you ever worked really hard on something only to find that it's either messed up or gone?

Apparently has decided that all of my images should now look like this:

Why does Google do this to me?  Have I done something wrong to offend the almighty Google god or goddess?

If I'd had the presence of mind to save all of my images into ONE file that was titled something like, "Blog Images" then it wouldn't take the rest of the year to find them and upload again.  Of course, the thought never crossed my mind because I rarely think of the "what if's" and I guess there's a part of me that enjoys learning lessons the hard way.

Moving forward all images will be saved accordingly in order to prevent this from ever happening again.  I will continue to hope Google will find mercy on me and magically return all photos to their correct spots on my blog.    

If anyone has any suggestions as to why or how this happened, please feel free to share.  I would greatly appreciate any help.

Kansas City Real Estate Photographer
Kansas City Real Estate Agent

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Contest!

If you love to carve pumpkins as much as I do, why not win some money showing off your mad carving skillz?  I've a $50.00 gas card for the person that gets the most votes.  

Contest Rules:

Take a picture of your freshly carved pumpkin and email it to

I will upload all photos to the same album for all to vote.  All you have to do is share the album on your wall directing your friends to "Like" Dawn Conners Photography and then vote on your photo.  The person with the most votes gets the moola.  

Easy peasy!  

You must have your pumpkin picture to me no later than Monday, October 29th at noon to participate.  Please keep your carvings/photos family friendly - G or PG rated.  The winner will be announced November 1st.




Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To Prepare Your Home To Be Photographed

Tips For Home Owners

I'm taking a short detour from my current blog series in order to address a current need in the real estate market.  I've had many conversations with agents about how the house should look when I get there.  My vague, "If you don't want it in the pictures then tuck it away" response just isn't cutting it.

Following are tips to share with your sellers in order to maximize the time the photographer is on site.


Front Yard and Landscape Beds:  Mow, weed, edge your yard and trim the landscaping.  Photographs are taking the place of a buyers first showing and first impressions are now being made on line.  If you're selling your home in the winter then make sure the driveway and sidewalks are clear of snow/ice.  Vehicles should be in the garage or parked on the street.

Patio/Decks:  Seller will need to arrange the furniture neatly, put away the grill utensils, throw out the previous nights beer bottles and sweep off any leaves and other debris.  The area should be neat and tidy.

Pools/Hot Tubs:  If they're not in use or they're out of season, make sure they're covered up.  If you have a pool, clean out the debris, arrange any furniture so that it creates an inviting atmosphere, and put away all pool equipment, toys, towels, floats and rafts, etc.

Backyards:  Same as the front yard.......mow, weed, edge your backyard.  If you have a play-set make sure the kids aren't on it while the photographer is shooting.  Dog owners - please pick up the dog poo, especially if you own a Great Dane.


Bedrooms/Bathrooms:  Beds made, pillows at the top of the bed, throw blankets stored away, bedside tables and dressers cleared of clutter.  Toilet lids closed, shower and shower doors cleaned (with personal cleaning supplies tucked away behind the shower curtain or in a drawer if you have shower doors), sink and counters cleared of personal items.  ie; toothbrushes, make-up, curling iron, razors, sweat socks and gym shorts.

Windows/Mirrors:  Where possible, clean all windows and mirrors.

Floors:  Pick up all toys, books, shoes, etc. and then vacuum, sweep and mop.

Light Fixtures:  Make sure all bulbs are working.

Shades/Blinds:  All should be down/closed with slats opened.  The photographer will adjust the lights and blinds/shades depending on the time of day and what direction the home/room is facing.

Refrigerators:  Clear off all magnets, calendars and art and then clean.

Countertops:  Clear off all plug-in appliances, soap dispensers, paper towels, napkins, backpacks, homework and cat food, etc.

Furniture:  Pillows arranged neatly and chairs/stools pushed under tables, counters or desk.

Occupants:  It's very difficult for some sellers to leave their home for an hour or more, especially if they work from home or have small children.  In these circumstances I will certainly work room to room, adjusting and helping where I can.  I do ask that parents keep their little ones from running in front of the camera during long exposures and practicing their Tiger Woods golf swing an inch from my head and tripod. ;)

These are actual experiences I've had and am only sharing them on my blog.  I will clean up this "Tip Sheet" and either email it to you or post it on my website for agents to print for their listing packets.

Know that the more time I spend doing the above tasks takes away from the time I could be composing my shots and getting the light just right for a particular room.

Thanks so much for a wonderful summer in the recovery of 2012 - Kansas City.  I'm so proud of the agents out there that understand how our business is changing and are embracing these facts instead of running from them.  Your success is my success!

Thanks for stopping in and please contact me if you'd like to make an addition to the above list.


A Kansas City Real Estate Photographer 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feeding the Bear

I was recently told that maintaing a blog regularly is like having a bear for a pet, caring for it week in and week out.  Yep, mine is on the verge of starving to death.

My real estate photography business is going gang busters.  I'm having so much fun stomping through some amazing homes.  I try to keep my excitement under control, and most days I do pretty well, but then I'm given the opportunity to shoot a home that's on a historical registrar and my excitement can no longer be contained.  It's embarrassing.  Am I the only one that gets this stupid over touring a home?!

Our real estate business with Reece and Nichols is moving right along as well.  Mike has been licensed for 2 months and we've completed our first transaction together, just waiting on the close date to approach.  I will share more on that subject later.

I can't blog without a visual so I'm attaching a panoramic of the 100 year old house I shot last week that made me act like a fool.

The owner of this lovely home was kind enough to allow me to use some of the photos in our marketing and on our websites.  I will share some on my FB page soon.

Okay, the bear has been fed.  I'm happy.  The bear is happy.  We're all warm and fuzzy again.

Thanks for stopping in and catching up.

Warmest Regards,

A Kansas City Real Estate Photographer
A Kansas City Real Estate Team

P.S.  If any of my fellow bloggers would like more information on how to care for your bear, follow this guy, David Knows Search, on FB.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Patience Grasshopper

YIKES!  I haven't blogged in a while and I'm sure my fans are anxiously awaiting an update.  This is my attempt at not taking myself too seriously.  I enjoy blogging but feel that most people just aren't that interested but for those that are, here ya go.....

I'm now officially back in a comfort zone with my real estate photography.  It took a while to get here but that's because I tend to get knee deep before reaching out for help.  My pricing is somewhat set but am not going to firmly commit until I make sure there aren't any surprises around the corner.  New business and repeat customers are calling.  Yippee!  Now I have to update my website when I'd really just like to find a genie in a bottle and make a wish.

Real estate in KC is booming!  Since I'm the one that dropped my real estate business on its head when I got bitten by the photography bug, I have only myself to blame when I get that impatient feeling and want our business to be right where I left it.  Patience is not my strongest attribute and honestly, it's probably the worst part about me.  I tend to work/play in high gear with my hair on fire until my head hits the pillow at night.  My new mantra is, "Patience, Patience, Patience."

I have tons of real estate photos I could show you but what I really want to do is introduce you to the newest member of our clan.  Please meet our new niece, Lexi.  She was born last week and will certainly be the most spoiled baby thus far.  She may possibly be the last baby for the family, which means she'll be held by every female and not allowed to walk until she's at least two.

Thanks for stopping in and if you'd like to help me with my patience problem, and know of anyone in need of a realtor, please pass along our contact information.  :)  The links below will take you to our websites.  Much appreciated.

Dawn Conners 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Real estate and photography have been busier than ever and I couldn't be happier.  Having Mike home to shuffle, wipe, brush, bathe, drive, cook (that one is a stretch), read, pray, snuggle and play good-cop/bad-cop with the kids has made life so much fun.

We are off and running with our first listing scheduled to go on the market very soon.  Mike and I are navigating the nuances of working/building a business together and I'm happy to report that neither one of us have come away licking any wounds.  However, I did have to make a very loud and clear statement last week that went like this............"I AM NOT YOUR SECRETARY!"  It has now turned into an ongoing joke in our home.  Any time I ask him to do something like, "Will you grab some milk on your way home?" or "Can you please put some gas in the car?",  I can expect to hear, "I AM NOT YOUR SECRETARY!"  Humor never goes into a recession in our home.

Here's a sneak peek of the new listing!

Interest rates and inventory are low in the Kansas City area.  There really couldn't be a better time to buy or sell a home regardless of what the naysayers are telling us on the news.  If you're just thinking about it, give us a call and we'll help you decide if it's a good time for you or not.  

Thanks for stopping in and catching up.




Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photos are Permanent...Snow is Not.

I jumped the gun.  I should have known better, being a lifelong KC resident, just because we get snow one day it does NOT mean we'll have it the next.  I ran a "Snow Promo" that left me scampering to get some landscape shots before it turned to mush.  Our temps stayed cold enough for the pretty stuff to fall but then quickly rose and started the melt melt down!  I got a few shots off this morning but was left disappointed by the lack of white on the roofs, eaves and ice crystals in the trees.  Mother nature needs to get on board with my business plan.

How many times have you looked out the window or driven up to your house and thought, "My yard, house or landscaping looks really pretty right now."?  Even if you're not looking to sell in the near future, plan ahead and get some photos of your property in all seasons. Buyers really appreciate a seller that has taken the time to show us why their home is so special.  

Please feel free to call if you'd like to create a plan to best market your property for a future sale.  I know a great real estate agent, too.   

Dawn Conners

Friday, February 3, 2012

Comfort Zone

I believe learning stops when one gets good and settled in their comfort zone. Photography is no different than real estate (or any other business/industry) and in order to succeed one has to always be open to change; learning, relearning or throwing out what isn't beneficial.  I held my breath and took a giant step in another direction and have hated every single minute of it!  I won't bore you with technique so I'll show you my obsession:

This is just one step in the process of Real Estate HDR Photography.  The main reason for this self inflicted pain was to create a more efficient work flow.  Sadly, this new technique ended up taking more time than I'd hoped for, which, in my opinion, produced less quality end product.  I made great progress yesterday and believe I'm now on the right track.  My comfort zone is whispering to me; taunting, beckoning, pleading for me to return.  It's tempting, but I'm confident I'll find a new place somewhere in between.   

Happy weekend!

Dawn Conners
(913) 908-5767 cell    

P.S.  I've taken my price page down from my website in anticipation of the new changes.  I've got a little more research to do but once it's up it will offer realtors more HDR photos for less money.  It will also add value to my own real estate business and allow me to continue to do both businesses. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's Roll.......

Mike has spent the month of January taking classes, tests, getting fingerprinted and background checks in order to get his Kansas real estate license.  The post process, once everything is at KREC in Topeka, can take 2-6 weeks and the thought of Mike not doing what he does best (selling) for 6 weeks created a few stressful moments for us; however, we got a call from The Machine yesterday (our little powerhouse broker, Dianna) saying that he's ready to roll and his license will be hanging in the office by the end of the week.  It's hard to explain in words the reaction in our home so I'll just show you this very, very brief video.......

If you're ready to buy or are we!

Give us a call or shoot us an email for market information and mortgage rates. It's a great time to do both!!


Dawn (and Mike)
Kansas City Realtors
Kansa City Real Estate Photographer

P.S.  Changes are coming on my photography site.  Stay tuned...........

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing Our New Adventure

Here it is.  The BIG announcement.  The one that all twelve of you that follow this blog have been anticipating for weeks. **wink**

But before I tell you the news I must give you a little background.  My wonderful husband, aka Big Daddy, has been in sales for 20 years and in management for 15 of them.  His career afforded us many benefits, for which we are eternally grateful; however, we found ourselves in a place that became impossible to maintain.  It seemed that with each new product and/or promotion came a larger territory and more sales reps to manage/coach.  His time away from home each week became so burdensome on our family that by the end of 2012 we knew it was no longer sustainable.

In the meantime my 15 year real estate career took a huge hit, mainly due to my own inability to build the business; with a traveling husband I couldn't justify the time spent away from our kids so I just managed my current clients.  It was during this period that I picked up my camera and began to learn photography.

What better way to start a new year than to start a new business (in our worst economy in history, right?)

Without further ado:

We will continue my long standing relationship with Reece and Nichols and will service the entire Kansas City metropolitan area ~ I grew up in Missouri but just happened to fall in love with a Kansas boy so this qualifies us to help buy and sell on both sides of the state line.  :)  

We'll have our new website up and running shortly, along with a new FB page and blog to go along with it.  I will continue to do my real estate photography but hopefully it's more for my own listings and not just other agents.  

As always your referrals are greatly appreciated, but right now your prayers are what we ask for most.  If the last few weeks are indicative of how this season in our life will go then we're in for the time of our lives!