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Monday, May 25, 2015

May Showers Bring June Discounts

The 2015 Kansas City real estate market finds us running in circles to keep up with the business. This is a good problem, I know, but it can also create frustration on both sides.  When a seller calls wanting to put their home on the market TODAY the agent gets frustrated when I can't get them on the schedule for several days, causing me to be frustrated because I don't like it when my clients are frustrated.....just way too much frustration.  

My solution to all of this frustration was to hire another photographer.  A trusted real estate agent heard I was looking to add to the team and sent Corie our way - I'll share more information about her in a later post but know she's been a photographer with an established portrait business for years in the KC area.  She knows her stuff!

Corie has been shadowing me since April and is doing a fantastic job on her test shoots.  She's becoming familiar with the craziness that is real estate and is now ready to be thrown in the deep end, but I'm not sure I want to send her in without a noodle. 

Her floatation device will come by way of offering all agents a discount on her shoots, allowing her to work in all types of homes and situations, affording her the experience while giving you a break in your marketing budget.

Here are the guidelines:
  • $75.00 for homes under 3500 sq ft and no large land properties
  • Access to properties by way of seller, agent, combo or garage
  • All photos are as is with no reshoots (she is instructed to overshoot in order to ensure you receive ample images)
  • Offer only good for the month of June 2015
  • MLS sized images only (additional fee for hi resolution still apply)

Below are some of her test images

So, if you have an upcoming listing that qualifies for this discount, please text me the address, date you'd like it shot and note the Corie special.  I'll get you scheduled ASAP.  

In the meantime, we hope you're cruising through this market with little frustration and lots of success!


Dawn and Terri
(913) 908-5767