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Friday, September 30, 2011

Down For a Count of 1......2.......

There's nothing worse than when "mama" goes down.  Yep, I got hit.  Hit hard and fast last weekend by an unfamiliar thug better known as Mr. Virus.  Mr. V threw a sucker punch, left hook that was followed up by Mrs. Bacteria's upper cut to the throat.  I beat them both back with a couple of days in bed, massive amounts of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, and a dose of antibiotics for the sneaky throat abscess that tried to take me down mid week.  Mother's aren't allowed to get sick but when they do their poor families are left wandering in the wilderness, praying for rain, mana, the promise land, etc.  I ALMOST felt sorry for them. 

With fever induced hallucinations, I was able to finish a big job a day early.  I may regret editing under duress, but the job has been sent and I refuse to open the file to see if I totally screwed up or if it actually improved my work.  I will post the outcome at a later date ~ maybe.

For now I'm going to post an architectural picture of a door.  Take from it what you like.  There's no hidden meaning, nothing spiritual, only ones own interpretation.  To me it's just a cool green door with iron spindles and stone encasement located in Kanas City, Missouri, and not For Sale.     

My real estate photography business is chugging right along.  I'm thankful my calendar this week wasn't as busy as the previous week, which allowed me to take care of myself instead of introducing Kansas City to the thugs that temporarily took down two in my house.

Have a fantastic weekend and start loading up on whatever it is you take to stay healthy.  Getting sick in September is a bad, bad sign in this house. We're laced up and ready for the fight!

Kansas City Real Estate Photographer

Saturday, September 24, 2011


We've all had one of those weeks.  You know, the week that keeps you so incredibly stressed that you find yourself wishing you could finish those two opened bottles of wine that were left over from the previous weekends celebration (Happy 73rd birthday Granddad) 1:00 in the afternoon.

None of my stress necessarily stemmed from Real Estate Photography, although there was a large portion of my business model I had to change ~ one step forward, two steps back.  

Nope, I had two trips to the ER and one to Children's Mercy South.  Having a sick or injured kiddo can send most parents into a tail spin and I'm certainly no exception.  I'm happy to report the child in question is on her way to being healthy and big brother has promised to not practice his golf swing within 100 yards of his sister's head ever again.

I was able to volunteer my services at our local animal shelter, taking photos for their website, in hopes it will help get these adorable animals adopted.  This little pup and her photo summed up my week perfectly, and also made me laugh.  

My kids are healthy, the weather is perfect and there are two empty wine bottles in the trash. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and if you know of anyone looking for a real estate photographer please share my name and contact info with them.  



Monday, September 5, 2011


Everyone loves an underdog......right?

When the real estate market tanked I began searching for new, better ways to market my listings.  I found myself on line in the wee hours of the night, and what kept popping up were these amazing real estate photography pictures. After researching the expense to hire a photographer I realized I'd have to shell out a rather large chunk of my commission, which was downright silly.

Plan "B" started to evolve.  "I have a DSLR camera.......certainly I can create photos like that for my own listings.......can't be that hard, right?"  I'm either sufficiently determined or extremely stupid. Probably both!  Either way, the mixture of the two characterization has evolved into this new title of:  Kansas City Real Estate Photographer.

Over the course of my real estate career I've had numerous homes that would be considered an underdog.  I call these my financially, conditionally, locationally or square footage challenged homes.  They could suffer all of the above conditions or just one.  Either way, they're just as worthy of good marketing photos as the high priced "Beauty Queens" on the market.  And that is how this real estate photography business began.

Here is an ADORABLE underdog.  It's small but has massive potential.

Contact Kelly Meyer at 913~206~4608 or with Reece and Nichols for a complete list of upgrades.   

Go ahead.  Admit it.  There's just something about an underdog that make us smile and secretly wish them to be awarded the prize in the end.  So, to the 8 people reading my blog........go buy this house.  ;)   

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!!